Solar panel cleaning


Why clean your solar panels?

 Solar panels work by allowing light into the solar cells. The more light that hits the panel, the more power it will generate. Our pressure washing service will remove all kinds of gunk.

Salt can also impact solar panel health and over time, salt can settle out of the air onto your panels, reducing efficiency.

Leaves, bird poop, soot from chimney, gypsy moths and airborne particles from dirt and pollen, decrease your efficiency and soil your solar panel investment. 


Q: When I purchased my solar panels, I was told I NEVER have to clean them and natural elements will clean them. I have noticed a decrease in my efficiency and they are a bit dirty from the gypsy moths.  Are you sure that II need to clean them? Is it safe?

A:  YES! We use a water filtration system and brush specifically made for solar panels so the cells are not disturbed. 

Q: I was told I can use hose water and dish soap to clean my solar panels. 

A: Do not use dish soap. Dish soap leaves  a residue and a film that hose water cannot rinse off and if if you use hard bristles you can damage the cells.